Technorazz 2018

Technorazz - Razzmatazz

The Great Dance Challenge'18

Dancing is creative form of expression, involving discipline & expression. All dance forms including ‘Fusion’ are allowed for performance. Participation is open to all disciplines.


  1. Maximum number of teams: one team per college.
  2. Number of participants: 8-12 participants per team.
  3. Duration: 5 minutes.
  4. Requirements: all props. Costumes, accessories have to be arranged by team themselves. The music CD should be submitted to JNU, one day in advance.

Judgment criteria:

choreography, music costumes, coordination & expression.

Stage on Rage

Fashion Show

The style quotient of participants will be measured in this Glittering Fashion Show. The teams will be free to perform on a theme of their own choice. Participation is open to all disciplines.


  1. Number of participants: 8-12 participants per team.
  2. Duration: 5 minutes
  3. Requirements: All props, costumes, accessories etc. have to be arranged by teams themselves. The Background theme music should be submitted to JNU in an audio CD, a day in advance.

Judgment criteria:

Theme, Coordination, Design & Attitude.

Chapati Rolling Chef

Chapati Making Competition

This is a live competition open to all students from various colleges.


  1. Maximum number of teams: 2 Teams per college
  2. Maximum number of participants : 2 Participants per team
  3. Duration: 15 minutes.
  4. Each team will be given a specified quantity (200gm) of Flour for Chapatti making.
  5. No Entries will be entertained on the day of the event.

Judgment criteria:

Maximum number of chapattis, shape, appearance, texture etc.

A-Musing – Florist

Flower Decoration Competition

This event is open for all students from various colleges. Participants have to show their creativity in flower arrangement.


  1. Maximum number of participants: 2 students in one team.
  2. Duration: 45 mines.
  3. Number of arrangement to be made : One
  4. Judgment criteria: Creativity, Basic principles & elements of flower arrangement.
  5. Requirements :
    1. Each team will prepare one flower arrangement at the venue.
    2. Basic Flowers, Foliage (Floral Foam, Chicken mesh, leaves etc.) and other tools including decoration material and accessories to be arranged by the participating team themselves.

    Judgment criteria:

    creativity, basic principles & elements of flower arrangement.

Band Competition

The program is only for bonafide students of Universities/colleges


  1. In case, the student does not fulfill this condition, his/her participation will be cancelled.
  2. Videos of demo music must be submitted to in by 22.09.2018. The selected bands will be invited to perform at the Technorazz Battle of the Bands - 2018.
  3. The maximum time allowed to each band is 20 minutes including sound check time.
  4. The participants of a band should not exceed 7 musicians.
  5. No pre-recorded music or sample sound is allowed at the time of performance.
  6. The contestants are strictly advised not to disclose the name of their college/ Institution to the Jury members/audience while introducing themselves on the stage.
  7. Organizing committee shall not provide any instruments/accompanists.
  8. The contestant may opt for a suitable dress code however the name of the college should not be displayed on the dresses in any form.
  9. The decision of judges will be final and binding.
  10. The organizing Committee reserves the right to change the venue, time and Minutiae:, if desired.
  11. Each band will have a 20-minute set. Sound will be cut after exactly 20 minutes, so bands should plan accordingly.
  12. Bands will have 5 minutes to clear the stage.
  13. In the event of a tie, the judges will vote on the winner.
  14. No banners or props will be allowed on stage.
  15. No guests are allowed backstage.
  16. The band will be disqualified if not all members are present by set time.
  17. Failure to adhere to University performance agreements and Minutiae: will result in disqualification.

Judgment criteria:

A panel of judges will choose the winner, based on a point system.